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Task is the perfect modular document management solution for individual crew members and production companies. Task is cloud based so you can work from LA or NY where your trusted accounting crew often live and still stay connected to your shooting location. 


Not a production accountant?  

Don’t worry, we have a Knowledge Base with extensive, informative, and easy to follow instructional videos that will make you a Master of Production Accounting using Task in no time!



The Data Processing Center module can be added to any module handling the mundane data entry of all your document details so you don’t have to.

Upload your documents into your online F3 profile and our data entry team will do the mundane entry while you are getting the next task done. Document entry can be done for PC Receipts, W9's, PO's, Check Requests, and AP!


  • Detail entry and QC of hard copy supporting documents like PC receipts, W9’s, Credit card receipts, invoices and handwritten PO’s

  • QC of uploaded documents to digital entry matching

  • Standardized entry of key data points

  • Monthly support to fit your show’s needs


W9 module is 100% free with your subscription.


  • When a a new vendor is entered it is archived for all your shows no matter the production company

  • Enter a vendor W9 once, and no need to update it again unless required by the IRS

  • Searchable database of all your vendor W9’s using key data points like company, Fed ID#, address, city, state, zip or form version

  • Add our DPC module on a per document basis to handle the data entry of your W9’s saving you the hassle of doing it yourself at the low cost of only $1 per W9 document.

  • E-mail PDF version of any W9 in your vendor list

  • We track form versions for each W9 that is submitted, so you know when it is time to update a vendor W9 as required by the IRS

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Petty Cash module is $29 a month for a single user.

No more spending hours shuffling through paper receipts or spreadsheets. Just scan your receipts and upload them to the F3. Once in the cloud, enter 4 key data points - how much, who did you pay, what for and when - and let the module do the adding for you!

The best thing about the PC module is you can add the DPC module on a monthly basis to handle the data entry of your receipts.  You will never have to fill out a PC recap again. For as low as ¢.10 a receipt, it will change the way you work forever.


  • Searchable database of all your receipts using key data points like date, vendor, purpose, amount, show, production company or crew name

  • Easy organization of petty cash envelopes by crew member, show, and production company

  • Archive of all your job PC

  • Per envelope invoicing for submission with PC for reimbursement

  • Easy to read envelopes makes reimbursement fast and question free


Accounts Payable module is $20 a month, and when you sign up for the AP module you automatically get the W9 module as part of your subscription.


  • Digitally create and approve Check Requests

  • Easily attach backup paperwork like PO’s, work orders, register receipts, contracts and rental sheets for review and approval

  • Automatically creates a vendor in the AP module when a new W9 is entered so an invoice or Check Request can be processed and approved for payment

  • Know at a glance what’s happening with every invoice, so you can take the right actions and manage your cash flow

  • Saves redundant data entry and passing of paper for approval. Only touch a piece of paper once - when it is scanned and uploaded into the F3

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Purchase Order module is $20 a month.


  • Department heads and accounting can digitally create and approve PO’s

  • Upload hard copy PO’s for digital submission, approval, automated AP matching, and document storage

  • Increase accuracy and improve financial control with template purchase orders that link to our W9 and AP modules. Never enter the same information twice

  • Easily attach supporting paperwork for simplified record keeping and instant access to supporting documents

  • Embedded text in PDF documents, like invoices, can be searchable

  • PO matching to AP can be done on the fly as AP is entered or as AP winds its way through the coding and approval process

  • Save time and improve focus with easy visibility to real-time information about vendors, orders, and purchasing information


Check Request module is free when you sign up for the AP module. For only $9 a month per user you get access to both the CHK and AP modules.


  • Digitally create and approve Check Requests

  • Easily review PO’s and backup paperwork like vendor invoices, contracts, work orders, rental sheets and register receipts that belong to the check request for review & approval before issuing payment

  • When paired with our W9 module, new vendors are automatically created for the Check Request when a W9 is entered. Now the crew member who gets the W9 will upload the form and initiate provisional vendor creation so accounting can confirm or adjust if needed.

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