Empowering You With innovation, infrastructure, and technology to revolutionize your production accounting process



EMPOWERING YOU - With innovation, infrastructure, and technology to revolutionize your production accounting process.


The F3 document management and data processing solutions are






Isn't it time you change the way you work?


“I designed the F3 System to enhance your ability to access information, and good quality information from any location, that leads to better decision making.  

Our F3 products will give you, your crew, accounting department, and producers up-to-the-minute details, and status of check requests, purchase orders, and petty cash so you always have complete insight about your, and your production’s success in processing transactions.”

                                                       -Tim Tortora, Founder

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Data Processing Center

The DPC is a cloud data entry service, staffed by our team of dependable and responsive data entry clerks who enter, QC, and track all your documents so you don’t have to.

  • Petty Cash receipts

  • W9's

  • Credit card receipts

  • Purchase Orders

  • Check Requests

  • Invoices

  • Filing into your Digital Filing Cabinet

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Look and Feel of Paper

All our products have a user interface designed with the look and feel of production accounting paperwork. Making your transition to digital document management simple & fast.

  • Standardized digital forms take the guesswork out of math and data entry

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Modular and Scalable

Our products are built on a modular system so you never pay for services you don’t need.

  • Petty Cash
  • W9's
  • Data Processing Center
  • PO’s
  • AP
  • Check Requests
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We have an F3 solution to streamline your tasks.  Freeing up your valuable time, so you can do things you want to do, not things you have to do.




Our module only, monthly subscription, solution for individual crew members and production companies.

  • W9's

  • Petty Cash

  • Purchase Orders

  • Accounts Payable

  • Check Requests

  • Data Processing Center




No matter the size of the crew, number of shows in production, or where they are shooting. Task Force offers a complete enterprise solution that is designed to be fully customized and implemented to meet your unique production needs.

  • Processing of Petty Cash, PO’s, AP, and Check Requests

  • Manage and QC document entry

  • Process and file paperwork

  • Run union/non-union crew and SAG payroll

  • Final QC and Batch input to your accounting platform


"I would not hesitate to recommend Task or Task Force to any producer, or production accountant.

The F3 System is the only complete cloud document processing and management solution I have used that scales to meet the needs of all my productions.

It will help your production every step of the way, from data entry through studio audit."


Kevin Chinoy
Producer- Go Freestyle

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