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We’ve got you covered. When you wrap FFF will provide you with all your scanned paperwork in a searchable PDF form making it a breeze to search and archive your productions’ digital filing cabinet. All this is done from any hard drive and a PDF reader - you are not chained to our software for the rest of your life. Your data belongs to you and you should be able to see it without our platform or calling us to get what is yours!

Don’t handcuffed to anyone, especially not a payroll service that does not consider your best interest when hording your data.




When tax times comes around, you will have a complete set of financials including; balance sheet, PNL & GL Detail for your tax accountant to quickly file your return. It is that easy. You can issue 1099s without needing an accounting package (and their convoluted system) to get at vendor payments and the total you paid them. Finish your show in march and issue 1099s the next year without having to call the payroll service to get access to your details.